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How many addresses you can test in a Basic Plan?

You can test maximum 100 addresses in a Basic Plan. For More details visit our costing page or email us at

How to correct city name?

Ex: [ ["100660192_191846153","1235 LINDEN ST","","WILMINGTN","DE","19805"] ]

Above input has wrong City name i.e WILMINGTN and this city's name has been corrected by Shatam Address Corrector, Please see below screen:


As you can see in the above image, City name has been corrected from WILMINGTN to WILMINGTON. Also, Error status code value also is changed to 15. Highlighted the status code value using green color.

How to correct zip code?

Ex: [ ["100660192_191846153","1235 LINDEN ST","","WILMINGTN","DE","1980"] ]

From above input address, If we delete last digit from the ZIP code. Here, City name is also wrong.


As you can see in the above output, screen shows City name and Zip code has been corrected highlighted with yellow color. In addition to that error code values are also changed.
Error 15 is for if the City name modified or changed as compared to Input city Name.
Error 13 is for if the Zip code modified or changed as compared to Input Zip code.

How to correct addresses in bulk?


Requirements For using Address Corrector:

To keep the latency low we have segregated the data according to State, So minimum requirement to use this product is to have the State Abbreviation code correct.
Minimal Requirements to find address: Street-1, Street-2 (Optional), city, state, zip.
Fields Required to find address: Street-1, Street-2 (Optional), city, state, zip.
Since, our product data has been segregated according to states in the country (user input address must have corrected state). The sole purpose of using segregated data is used to find results with minimal process time and minimize the list of data to match.
If the user provides incorrect state in the input, the system will find the address in the provided state and response with the address if found or will display an error. When given condition applied, the parser can give the most similar matches to input street.

Sample Addresses