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Shatam Technologies offers its address correctional services through Fixaddress - a hassle-free solution for correcting and verifying mailing addresses for its clients who deal extensively into door-step deliveries of their documents, products/services to their customers. Customers many times tend to enter wrong, incomplete or non-standard addresses while ordering for products or services for home or specific address delivery. This is when you need Fixaddress that can correctly automate and validate your customers’ bulk addresses and rule out all possibilities for untimely or hassled deliveries of orders/documents. Fixaddress streamlines address correction task through its three vital features - Address Standardization, Address Correction and Address Segmentation. The API of Fixaddress rectifies minor mistakes and prompts customers to fix critical errors and ensure the order is delivered at the validated address. The interface is capable of bulk corrections by fixing spelling mistakes, phonetic mistakes, adding missing zip, and street type. This portal is specifically applicable for USA & Canada addresses and similar portals for verification of addresses in other countries are underway at Shatam Technologies.

What is Address Correction and Validation?

It is a service which is used:

  • To correct phonetics or spelling mistakes (up to 2 char).
  • Validates Input address existence using USPS and TIGER data source.
  • Validates addresses of canada using Canada Road Map Network data.

Why it is necessary?

It is necessary to maintain the correct addresses of customers. If they are wrong it may cost us while delivering orders. Sometimes the user may give wrong zip or wrong spell street name while placing the order online. So Address Correction or validation must be there to correct or validate user addresses.

What are the benefits?

  • Validates user address before delivering order so it may save money.
  • Saves your time and labour cost.

Database we are using?

We use two data sources for correcting and validating the addresses.

  • U.S Postal Service
  • 2016 TIGER/Line Shapefiles
  • We update our data frequently.

Which String Correction / Address Correction Address Parser does?

Address parser corrects the phonetics mistakes as well as up to 2 char mismatch in relation to original string.

Which field value should be correct in the input address? Why?

State value should be correct for there respective tools or else the result generated will be incorrect.
We have isolated state data source from each other to improve the searching speed and to yield better performance on a single system.