FixAddress is EMPHASIZED by a feature of Bulk Correction. Our Bulk correction API is available and can be accessed Programmatically through distinct programming languages like java,C#,python and ruby .
See examples java, C#, python and Ruby.

Input Format

Input to Bulk Correction will be a Json array of following format.

Input Json

[["ID","Address 1","Address2","City","State Abbreviation","zip"],etc]

Sample Input

[["1","9398 E PALM TREE DR","","SCOTTSDALE","AZ","85255"],etc]

Output Format

Output From Bulk Correction will also be a json array consisting of following fields,

Output Json

            "Street_Name","Suffix_Type","Suffix_Direction","City","State","FIPS Code","Zip","Error Code","Hit Score","Is Street Alias Name","City Name Standardized"],etc]

Sample Output

[["1","9398 E PALM TREE DR","9398","E","","","Palm Tree","DR","","Scottsdale","AZ","4013","85255","10","100.0","FALSE",""],etc]